Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Great Expectations II

This is the WHOLE EXAM. But, DON'T WORRY!, you won't have to answer all these questions.

1.- Can you remember other novels by Charles Dickens?
Chapters 1 (In the Graveyard) and 2 (Christmas Day).
2.- PIP.
a) What is his real name?
b) Who does he live with?
c) What is he doing in the graveyard?
d) Who does he meet in the graveyard? How does he help him?
3. What are the hulks?
4.- What happens to the two convicts on Christmas day?
Chapters 3 (At Miss Havisham’s) and 4 (The Pale Young Gentleman)
5.- What does Pip try to teach Joe?
6.- What’s strange in Miss Havisham? What’s the name of her house?
7.- What does Miss Havisham want Pip for?
8.- Who does Pip meet at Miss Havisham’s house? What does Pip think of that person?
9.- Who is the pale young gentleman in the title of the chapter?
Chapters 5 (“I must become a gentleman”) and 6 (Great Expectations)
10.- Why does Pip become a blacksmith?
11.- Who is Biddy?
12.- Why did Pip want to be educated as a gentleman?
13.- Who is Jaggers?
14.- Who is Mr. Matthew Pocket?
15.- Why is Pip a “young man with great expectations”?
Chapters 7 (Learning to be a Gentleman) and 8 (Young Men in Love)
16.- Who is Mr. Herbert Pocket?
17.- Herbert tells Pip Miss Havisham’s story, can you summarise it?
18.- Who is Bentley Drummle?
19.- How does Pip know that Estella is back?
20.- Why did Pip think that Miss Havisham had made him a gentleman?
21.- Is Estella a part of Pip’s expectations?
22.- Who is Clara?
Chapters 9 (I Come of Age) and 10 (Abel Magwitch)
23.- Did Pip have enough money?
24.- Why did Pip go back to his village?
25.- What did he promise? Could he keep his word?
26.- Estella said Miss Havisham had made her hard and proud, why?
27.- Who is Abel Magwitch? What is his story? Who is Compeyson?
28.- Was Pip happy when he learned about him? What does he think about Estella then?
29.- Who swears on the Bible? What does he swear?
Chapters 11 (Secrets from the past) , 12 (Escape) and 13 (Friends Together)
30.- Pip tells Estella he loves her, what does she tell him?
31.- What does Pip discover about Molly, Mr. Jagger’s servant?
32.- Why does Miss Havisham tell Pip to forgive her?
33.- What does Pip discover about Estella?
34.- How was Magwitch going to escape? Did he succeed?
35.- Magwitch was tried, what was his sentence?
36.- What happened to Magwitch’s money?
37.- Was Pip alone? Who helped him when he was ill?
38..- Pip plans to marry Biddy, but …….
39.- Where does Pip go to work?
40.- Who are friends together? Why?


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